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The only roofy
you can trust

Estimates completed within 1 day
or your money back!

No cost for revisions for 30 days
(and we never charge for phone calls)

fast Fast

Less than 1 day
(2 hours if expedited)

fast Affordable

As low as
$100 for residential or
$4/square for commercial
(includes EagleView)

fast Accurate

Acceptable to
insurance company

Our Testimonials

What our clients say about us

At first I thought it was too good to be true but then Roofy delivered and they delivered it well! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Todd Trum

Boulder Creek Custom Homes


I used to spend a fortune on roof estimation that didn't deliver near the product that Roofy does!

Blake Sydnor

Task Roofing Co.


I had no idea I could get a roof estimate done so easy. Now I save time, money and I get to maximize my profits! Thank you Roofy!

Robert Boyda

Massive Roofing Co.


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